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Do you have questions?  You can contact our Customer Support Department:

By Phone:
You may email us at admin@engageiq.com. Our Customer Support Department hours
are Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm EST excluding company
observed holidays.

By Email:
Please fill out our Customer Support Form below with as much information as

Note*: We were notified by one of our members that our page kept popping up, so please read the below if you are having the same issues.

We had one member notify us and send us helpful links which we want to share with you that helped them identify the problem. It turned out that they had accidentally downloaded a spy ware program which caused certain sites to come up over and over. By following this link you could check your computer's health and remove future pop ups: http://www.webroot.com/land/mb-ss-short-2.php?rc=4929. Or try download.com and enter in spyware tools.

There are some free ones we saw there.
We do not participate in advertising, as this is a free service where we are providing referrals.

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